Health Care Foundation of Ventura County adds power with new board picks

Article published in Santa Paula Times

The Health Care Foundation for Ventura County (HCFVC) has announced the addition of three new members to its Board of Directors.

Former Ventura County Supervisor Kathy Long’s policymaking career spans nearly 40 years. Long is widely recognized for her community engagement, most notably as Chair of the Ventura County Medical Center Oversight Committee, Board Member of the Economic Development Collaborative- Ventura County, Co-Chair of the Regional Defense Partnership- 21st Century, and Commissioner on the First 5 Commission. Long was recognized as “Woman of the Year” in 2015, by the California State Legislature, and “Legislator of the Year” in 2013, by the Chamber of Commerce Alliance of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Her comprehensive knowledge and achievements as a public servant has advanced the health, welfare and public safety of all Ventura County residents. Long earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Education from Eastern Michigan University.

Dr. Jeff Robinson received his undergraduate in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from The University of Colorado and his Doctorate from The University of Colorado Medical School in Denver. He graduated from Ventura County Medical Center’s Family Medical Residency Program in June 1987. He began working as an attending physician in the VCMC Emergency Department and notes that he is proud of his association with some of the best Family Practice residents in the nation. In addition to his passion for medicine, he’s an athlete and has logged over 120,000 miles cycling throughout Ventura County.

The third new board addition is Catherine Rodriguez, Ventura County’s Chief Financial Officer. Rodriguez is responsible for administering the County’s $2.2 billion budget to ensure fiscal viability of county operations. Concurrently, Ms. Rodriguez acts as Interim CFO for the County’s Health Care Agency, where she oversees financial operations and is responsible for the preparation and management of the agency’s $854 million budget.

Ms. Rodriguez is currently a member of the Ventura County Medi-Cal Managed Care Commission (VCMMCC), VCMMCC Executive/Finance Committee, Ventura County Medical Center’s Federally Qualified Health Centers Board Oversight, Ventura County Healthcare Foundation Advisory Board, chairs the County of Ventura’s Deferred Compensation Committee and is a board member of the International Society of Filipinos in Finance and Accounting. She previously served as a member of the CALPELRA Advisory Board and was a past member of United Way of Ventura County’s United Women’s Leadership Council. In 2009, Ms. Rodriguez was the recipient of the “Star in Healthcare Award” by the Ventura Medical Resource Foundation. Ms. Rodriguez holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics, with an emphasis in Accounting, from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Dr. Stuart Siegel, HCFVC Chairman of the Board, said “These new additions to our board will be instrumental as we continue to bring additional resources to the Health Care Agency. Each of them has a passion for Ventura and for quality health care for all.”

HCA Director, Johnson Gill, echoed Dr. Siegel’s remarks and added “Ventura County has achieved an enviable work life balance that is recognized throughout California. Top notch health care is a key component of a vibrant community, and our new board members will benefit our HCFVC.”

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    Saturday, 20 May, 2017

    The Foundation is the manifestation of the belief that the efforts of many citizens working together can positively affect the quality of care here in Ventura County.


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