Healing Garden – Phase 2

Ventura County Medical Center (VCMC) holds a special place in the hearts of many by continually providing compassionate health care for all, regardless of ability to pay. To show the community’s gratitude for the hospital, Health Care Foundation for Ventura County is currently organizing Phase 2 of the Healing Garden Engraved Brick Project, nestled in the center of hospital campus. The project’s initiative is to honor VCMC staff, patients, and the lives of lost loved ones by personalizing an engraved brick to be placed in the Healing Garden. The bricks symbolize unity, reassuring current patients and employees that their community supports them.

Many people have already donated to the cause, including Gina Ferrer, who has been a nurse at VCMC for over 20 years. Ferrer describes the Engraved Brick Project as an endeavour with a double purpose: “It honors past employees that have passed away, while also raising money to help improve the future of the healthcare facility.” Ferrer and fellow nurses raised money together to purchase three bricks honoring past VCMC nurses and mentors that have passed away.

About the Author:

Natalie Cooper is a recent UC Davis graduate. Natalie received her Bachelors of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior with a minor in Public Health, and is interested in providing patient care to diverse population groups and public health initiatives. Natalie is currently working as a Medical Assistant at Ventura Plastic Surgery Specialists as she prepares to apply to Physician’s Assistant school in the spring.

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