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  •  June 17, 2015
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We are excited to congratulate VCMC’s Dr. Francisco Bracho, for his honor as a Champion in Pediatrics by Pacific Coast Business Times.

In his eight years with VCMC, Bracho has cared for patients with childhood cancer with great love and with due diligence to people’s time.

“They spend a lot of time here, so we work very hard to make sure they don’t have extra waiting time,” said Bracho. “I’m on call for my patients. If I’m in town, I’m available.”

According to Dr. Bracho, there are about 47 cases of childhood cancer in Ventura County and about a dozen are treated at VCMC.

“I expect to cure everyone who walks in the door,” said Bracho. “I’m not always right but I expect to.”

Prior to the opening of VCMC’s pediatric oncology unit in 2007, children with cancer and their parents had to travel to Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles monthly, if not daily, for the duration of their treatment. Being away from home is an emotional and physical burden for both the children and families. For this reason, the pediatric oncology unit is designed to fit the children’s needs and make it feel like a home away from home. The unit contains a playroom, children’s library, iPads, Playstation, and Nintento Wii available for use.

We are so thankful for the VCMC team and partners who make it possible to change lives daily and help to ensure that the quality of life for these kids is the best that we can make it.


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