Victoria Franco

  •  Administrative Assistant

After attending three different high schools in Ventura County and feeling like I had no place in education as a teen, I anxiously graduated from Buena High School. After graduating, I made the decision to take time off from school and focus on myself while also building up my work experience along the way. After working at two different jobs, I had finally found a passion for helping people through a vocation that allowed me to work with individuals with intellectual disabilities. This opened my heart to helping and caring for people of all walks of life, which in the end helped me better myself as a young woman. Becoming more familiar with what I wanted to achieve in my work experience I finally built up the courage, after two years, to go back and study at Ventura Community College. Though my major is undeclared, I have never been happier in my education as well as with the person I am becoming. I am looking forward to the opportunity to grow and become more knowledgeable in business while helping people with my work experience at Health Care Foundation for Ventura County.

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