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Summer Student Scholar Program

  • March 25 , 2019

Summer Student Scholar Program at Ventura County Medical Center (VCMC), supported by a grant from Health Care Foundation for Ventura County, Inc., provides undergraduate college students considering careers in medicine, biomed engineering, and other health care professions an opportunity to spend eight weeks during the summer with medical faculty and physicians in training. Scholars observe a variety of environments including trauma in the emergency room, surgical procedures in the operating room, special care for patients in ICU, outpatient care in the clinic system, and postmortem exams in the coroner’s office.

Students assist in developing a research project in an area of their interest; their time is divided between the clinical setting and on their research project. Several important research projects have been presented at nationally recognized medical conferences, at both the state and national level. Some students continue their projects into their college career.

For over 44 years, Summer Student Scholars Program has provided unparalleled exposure to clinical medicine and research. This year approximately fifty applications have been received and five students will be extended the opportunity. Summer Scholars thoroughly enjoyed their experiences and were unanimous in viewing this program as instrumental in helping clarify their career goals.


“I had already graduated with a degree in Psychology and Spanish when I realized I might be interested in pursuing a career in medicine. ……..My experience as a summer scholar motivated me to finish all of the science courses required for health care-related fields.” – Laurel Back, UCLA GRADUATE & PRACTICING PEDIATRIC INTENSIVE CARE NURSE

“I am now more excited than ever to start my next step to become a physician. Thank you for making this experience possible.”
– Michele Lee

“This program only confirmed my lifelong dream to go into medicine and become a doctor. ” – Kaitlyn Wallace

“Ultimately, the associated stipend allowed me to focus solely on the program and take advantage of everything that the experience has to offer.” – Mitchell Braun

“I also now am absoluely certain about the path that I have chosen to pursue, and that is a huge gift. I want to express the deepest thanks for this opportunity.” – Jeremiah Dallmer

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