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Humanity Account for the Vulnerable & Underserved (HAVU)

  • March 26 , 2019

Have You Given to HAVU?

Humanity Account for the Vulnerable & Underserved (HAVU) was created by HCFVC for Ventura County Health Care Agency’s Ventura County Medical Center, VCMC Inpatient Psychiatric Unit, and Behavioral Health. This restricted account has been generously organized to provide medication co-pay assistance and basic needs for our most vulnerable and underserved populations.

Providers and program staff will continue to utilize all Federal, State and local funds available for these much needed services. However, this fund will be used as a stop-gap account for services/products not covered under any other funding source. This allows for seamless services for individuals who might otherwise be denied these fundamental human needs.

Examples of critical needs are pharmacological co-pays for medical and behavioral health that re not covered by other funds, basic lunch items for weekly homeless checkups and the most basic footwear and clothing needs.

History: Ventura Downtown Lions Club graciously seeded this account with $500 from their health and welfare fund to help provide care for  over 4,000 vulnerable homeless people currently within county lines.

By giving to HAVU you will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our underserved and homeless populations.

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