WeGive funds and other have been used for:


Summer Student Scholars Program – 6 local undergraduate students exploring careers in healthcare had an 8 week summer clinical experience to gain a variety of clinical experience with residents and attending physicians through shadowing.  Each student creates a deliverable with value based research or with a Quality Improvement project that serves our Health Care Agency and ultimately our community.


Pediatric Transilluminator Vein Finder – the portable medical equipment allows our medical professionals to locate hard to reach veins in a child before they receive a poke, ultimately reducing multiple pokes and possible tears of fear.


Boppy Breast Feeding pillows – VCMC is designated a baby friendly hospital and supports all women and children in their health and wellness by improving breastfeeding success with mother and child through this ingenious pillow designed to foster a positive breast feeding experience.

Post-partum hemorrhage cart offers life-saving capability for women in labor.


Radio Frequency Ablation:  Ablation treatment cauterizes damaged nerves in the back and other parts of the body that cause chronic pain. This will have a significant impact on reducing the need for opioids in the treatment of pain.


Lymph Node Seeker – Ventura County Health Care Agency has the region’s premier oncologic surgeon, Dr. Shawn Steen.  This medical device help our surgeons locate possibly cancerous lymph nodes that may need to be removed in an effort to have better patient outcomes and lower risk of recurrence.


ICU Chairs – These chairs elevate a person sitting to standing position after surgery to help the patient become mobile with less pain in the standing process. These chairs improve a patients experience in healing and comfortability while reducing infection.


Two Cephiad modules were purchased in response to the deal with rapid diagnosis of  influenza in light of the recent outbreak.  This module triples our capacity for influenza testing along with other rapid diagnostics for infections.


Neurological testing for children with cancer and blood diseases


Breast Milk Warmers – Our littlest premature patients have small stomachs and need small amounts of breast milk.  These quad warmers insure that the breast milk is thawed properly, breast milk is not wasted with larger disposable bags, and our babies may get mothers milk even when she may not be available to nurse herself.


In collaboration with Lions Clubs of Ventura County, a pediatric vision clinic was established where all Ventura County children have access to vision care.  All of the medical equipment for the clinic and leveraging of telemedicine/telehealth were a part of this exciting, forward thinking approach to caring for Ventura County’s children’s eye health. Prior to this endeavor Ventura Downtown Lions also help purchase a Retinal Camera for NICU babies and may also be used in the emergency department and clinics.

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