James Mason

Board Member

Mason’s healthcare career has been dedicated to serving the poor and the elderly.  Right out of college he was employed to set up Primary Care Case Management contracts with the State of California.  While at SCAN Health Plan, a nonprofit Medicare Advantage Plan, Mason worked with the Multipurpose Senior Services Program where he developed the first contract with medical groups, focusing on identifying and managing frail elderly. As SynerMed’s CEO, Mason built California’s largest MSO at the time, from the ground up to over 850 employees with $1.2 Billion under management.  He pioneered the eConsult platform that was piloted and still in use at the County of Los Angeles and LA Care Health Plan.  SynerMed opened the first ever complex care center serving the sickest populations of Los Angeles County, a program inspired and modeled after Dr. Jeffrey Brenner’s “hot spotting” model of care.

After spending over 20 years as a healthcare executive, Mason has been concentrating on charitable initiatives. He was involved with the St. Francis Center as the past President of the Board.  Mason believes addressing the causes of homelessness is one the most important issues of our generation.  He regularly supports Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit seeking to assist those looking for a new start after prison or gang involvement.  Mason is an advocate for restorative justice models of reconciliation and rehabilitation.  Further, Mason was Board President for the Dads Club, an organization that develops educational programs to help fathers foster lasting positive relationships with their children and the community at large.  He remains an active Angel and Search Fund investor and mentors CEOs in companies in which he invests.  Some notable investments include New Century Health, recently sold to Evolent and Embark Behavioral Health, which is one of the most respected organizations addressing adolescent anxiety, depression and suicide prevention.  Mason is a member of the Order of Malta, an organization dedicated to caring for the sick.

He coaches high school football at his alma mater.  He played college football at the University of Redlands where he also was a Founder of Phi Sigma Tau fraternity and most importantly met his wife of 26 years. His newest project is helping the Monastery of Angels in Hollywood to promote and sell their pumpkin bread and peanut brittle online.